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Certified Life Coach
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Patricia, Certified Life and Health Coach
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Certified Health Coach

Hi everyone! I’m the owner and coach of Natural Vitality LLC. My company is based on natural ways to help you achieve what you want in YOUR life.

I founded this company to help others avoid my long journey in search of better health.  I suffered for years, all the while searching for ways to feel better and regain my health.  Poor health was the most expensive thing in my life.  Not only did poor health cost money in doctor bills, prescription medicine, etc., but it also cost me time with my children and the ability to enjoy life.  I was so sick I had to change jobs.

The journey led me to discover that I had allergies.  The most severe reaction was to mold.  Until then, I didn’t realize how food and air quality affected my health.  I started studying nutrition, detoxing, and methods for cleansing the air.  My studies included nutrition, oils, aromatherapy, and various supplements.  I became a Certified Health Coach.

The next step on my journey was discovering that emotions can affect your health.  Trapped emotions and emotional traumas, whether it was physical or mental, can create havoc and cause poor health. My search led me to study various ways of navigating through life and its problems. I earned the Life Coach Certification.

Then, I discovered that everything is energy. Our bodies are like big antennas; we pick up on whatever energy surrounds us. If there are blockages in our bodies, the energy cannot flow like it’s designed to do. These blockages can be a physical injury, emotional trauma, or an illness. Our physical bodies and environments will also heal by releasing the blockages and healing the cause. I studied energy medicine and Reiki. I became a Reiki Master.

We at Natural Vitality Wellness believe in your body’s natural ability to recover from injury, illness, and trauma by creating an environment that’s conducive to natural healing and allowing the body to do what it’s designed to do. We use several modalities, including oils, cleansing candles, various detox methods, crystals, and Reiki.

Whether it is weight loss, personal goals, or habit change, I can help you reach your desired outcome in a healthy way. I believe every person is unique, and my methods are individualized for each person.

If you feel that you could use some help, send me a message to, and we can talk.

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